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"I sent my dog, Biscuit, in for castration. Dr Low and the Clinic were exceptional in their work and professionalism. The operation was swift and my dog recovered very quickly from the procedure. Kudos to Dr Low, Dr Lim and the team. Thanks from a grateful customer!"  Jon Hew

"Love the warmth and personalised service that they offer. I can feel each and every staff’s passion as they took care of my puppy. Will definitely recommend this place to my friends." Rachel Lim

"Will 100% recommend. Have never come across a more dedicated and caring vet in Ren and his entire team. My previous dog Baby (Maltese) was accurately diagnosed with lymphoma cancer through Ren's dedicated research and findings (from other vets) and Baby's life was extended by 6 months, only eventually succumbing to the cancer. 2 years later, I now have a Border Collie, Bella and there is no one else I trust but him and his team." Chern San Lee

"I want to say thank you to all the staff in P.A.W. They are the most patient and brave vet doctor and nurses. My dog is big and fierce, she is very timid going near strangers. She won't allow anyone, including me to put on a muzzle. However, the staff in P.A.W's reacted professionally to help me to resolve that issue on the spot. I had experienced staff from other clinics that don't even dare or wanting to try to help me out, instead they just let me know that if you can't muzzle her, there is nothing they can do. My dog had pass on 2 years ago on the 11 January 2016, she is very sick that I need to let her go. The staff knew that I am overwhelmed and sadden by what had happened, they even called me few days later to check if I am alright. Every pet is very dear to their owner, if you are looking for a reliable clinic I sincerely recommend P.A.W. ( By the way I stay @ AMK and I don't drive)" Feryl711

"I would like to thank the wonderful team of caring professionals in PAW. I would recommend any fur parents to bring their fur kids here. Dr Nicole and Dr Jo-Ann has shown concern and care beyond their call of duty. Really appreciate the extra mile you guys take each time I bring my Odin in." Sing Ying Tan

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